Gripit ADVANCE KTAPE is a world leading waterproof kinesiology tape. Swapping the traditional COTTON cloth material for a super shiny SYNTHETIC material immediately makes this tape more waterproof than others. Combined with this is a special water proofing agent and more quality adhesive, meaning it is the number one waterproof tape on the market KEY FEATURES: 1. Viscose + spandex synthetic material 2. 5 grams/m2 more adhesive than other KTAPES on the market 3. Greater waterproof wash 4. Around 180% stretch allowing kinesiology tape function. Kinesiology tape is designed to work with the skin and fascia to assist in a number of processes including: 1. Pain reduction 2. Mild support 3. Assist blood flow 4. Assist fluid drainage (lymphatic) 5. Work on the balance and proprioceptive system NB: The tape is not designed for joint and muscle “SUPPORT”. For support please purchase our ACTIVETAPE. Gripit ADVANCE KTAPE does this and is suited to 1. Water sports 2. Endurance Sports 3. Obstacle racing 4. Wet and muddy conditions 5. Super sweaty people 6. If you just want a product that lasts longer